The Alpaca X Change Program is intended to provide an opportunity for those breeders wishing to advance their overall herd by infusing high quality genetics and removal of those animals that do not fit their breeding program through terminal culling. 

How this program works is when you purchase breedings, animals, or both from our farm we will purchase culls from your farm.

It is our belief that "terminal culling" is a necessary and integral part of any Alpaca Breeding Program.  Terminal culling is widely accepted and encouraged with other livestock species in order to maintain the respective breeds quality, consistency and promote only the most desirable traits and characteristics to strengthen the breed as a whole.

If you are interested in finding out how this program works, please contact us for more detailed information.


*DISCLAIMER: The Alpaca X Change Program is not intended for use by those farms or individuals who have neglected or abused their animals. East Coast Alpacas and The Alpaca X Change Program reserves the right to refuse any animals we deem have been neglected or abused or both.